4 thoughts on “A Blank Canvass

  1. Love the blue hues 🙂 Blue and white sky, blue and white building, and another one in the background that’s blue with reflective windows that look white – like this spot was just waiting for you to take this photo! 🙂

  2. And this the the far back side too. A lot of the graffiti was ugly rude stuff, not like the new mural off the Greenway bike trail near the Mississippi. I’ll try to get a pic soon.

  3. I think I was here on X-Mas Eve of 2011, as they had just started to demolish this place, as the backside facing the woods had part of the wall torn down (as that is how I gained access into this interesting building, I had real fun climbing up the concrete rubble to the second floor). And most of the graffiti that I took pics of was very good, and not rude or ugly.
    And this was one of the days I was planning on going to a different building, but took a different root, and was passing by this building, and just had to go in after I saw the Excavators outside (yes, I really had too)..
    That and it wasn’t fun crawling on the roof to get a good, full shot of the Hesh Crew tag..

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