An Osprey about to leave its nest

An Osprey about to leave its nest

While out on the four wheeler this weekend on the iron range, Chris and I spotted an Osprey in its nest. We parked and I got out my camera while slowly walking toward it. It didn’t take long for it to take flight and fly circles around the area making its unique sound. On the way back, we saw there were two in the nest – maybe some babies too.

4 thoughts on “An Osprey about to leave its nest

  1. Definitely! I only have a stock lens so this was the best I could do, but with the right equipment this is a prime spot. You can also easily access it from the highway.

  2. Great moment, great shot! Yet another reason photography is better than golf: not only do you have an excuse to go find great experiences, you have actual photos of the moment!
    I have a cheap, extra 500mm lens you might be interested in.
    – Mitch

  3. Cool! No doubt they have ospreylet…or whatever we call baby osprey. Fun to watch, fun to photograph. I only wish I had a 500mm.

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