Duck prints on the sand, dead fish in the water

Yesterday I took a bike ride around the neighborhood, and up to the Texa-Tonka park. I had never been there before, but quickly found Victoria Lake. I was enjoying watching the ducks and swans while walking along  the beach filled with duck prints. That’s when I noticed the lake was filled with dead fish. First I saw one, then a few more, then the jackpot. There must be hundreds of thousands of dead fish in this little lake. I don’t know anything about fish, but I’m curious to know what kind of fish they are, and why there would be so many dead fish in the lake. More detailed pictures are below.

4 thoughts on “Duck prints on the sand, dead fish in the water

  1. Looks like a bullhead. I don;t know for sure, but maybe winter kill. Sometimes during a long hard winter, the lake looses it’s ability to maintain and produce more oxygen. The lack of oxygen in the water probably killed the fish.

  2. You know….. I saw that title and could not help be flooded with possibilities of a movie or a cd title. Just sounds like something Tarentino might do…… or something from the Dead Kennedy’s.

    The fish picture is disturbing to be sure. You did a great job of capturing a difficult scene.

    I used to live in the Texa-Tonka area. You have some great places to go shoot in that part of town.

  3. Haha now that you said that, I can’t help but think the same.

    I’m actually moving closer to St. Paul this weekend. I wish I had a little more time to explore the area, but I’m also happy to be moving to someplace quieter. The traffic noise at my apartment has really been driving me crazy this past year.

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