4 thoughts on “Hidden River

  1. Untouched snow is hard to find in lots of places 🙁 I tried this winter to capture some pristine, snow-covered field landscapes… it never failed, there were always snowmobile tracks cutting across the hills.

    Have I mentioned this week how jealous I am of your skiing adventure? 🙂

  2. Yes – it is very hard to photograph pristine snow fall, there just isn’t a lot of it around here.

    The trip was a ton of fun. The mountain had a real small town feel to it. Everyone was friendly, and the development was very basic. No expensive condos in sight! I’m looking forward to going back.

  3. Greetings, Courtney!

    Thanks for stopping by Ocala DP. And it’s nice to meet you and your blog. I like the photo a lot and it almost makes me hanker to see snow in Minnesota again. The operative word there is “almost”! 😉

    Good luck in your chosen career. I know nothing about it, but I think you’ll do well.

    I notice you spent time up in Virginia. My mother was born in Virginia in 1909…she also taught school out in the woods north of there, near her farm at Cook, Minnesota. I spent a good deal of time there as a youngster and still have great numbers of relatives in the area, most of which I know nothing about!

    My wife grew up in St. Louis Park and for a time we both worked at Retail Credit Company (now Equifax) in downtown Minneapolis. I’m a graduate of Minnehaha Academy. I think. It’s hard to remember that far back! I also did time at the U of M and in did three years in the Navy at what was then called Wold Chamberlain.

    I’ll be back!


  4. Hi Jacob, thanks for visiting and for the warm comments. I grew up in Biwabik, MN near Virginia, so I’ve spent a good deal of time up there. Interesting to find people with similar roots 🙂 Looking forward to keeping up with your photography.

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