Shock at the Bureau of Mines

Shock at the Bureau of Mines

Shock at the Bureau of Mines

Shock’s graffiti can be found all over the Twin Cities area. Like many others, Shock dates most of his work. This is a pretty new piece, dated ’10.

The US Bureau of Mines (USBM)  was shut down nation wide in 1995. This particular USBM building was once very easy to get inside.  This is also one of the coolest abandoned buildings I have ever been in. Now the building is locked up pretty tight.. with the possible exception of an underground entry.

The property contains a few other smaller buildings and a decent sized warehouse, which has all recently been transferred to the National Park Service. NPS has been working at removing some of the very invasive Buckthorn. Already the property looks much more brushed out, and not so overgrown. Eventually these buildings will all be torn down, and the land will be restored to its natural habitat. I think its good that they’re cleaning up the land, but at the same time I’ll be sad to see this amazingly interesting building go.

2 thoughts on “Shock at the Bureau of Mines

  1. Locked up tight. I wanted to return, but the smell in the place gave me a headache. Don’t think the mold is too healthy. Really quite the surreal place, as if they left on a Friday with the intention of returning on Monday. Strange to see all the blueprints and drawings from government and municipal infrastructure like the airport and missile installations. Would have thought they would have taken those plans when they shut down. My desire was the big bandsaw on the second floor.

  2. Yeah USBM building is like a heritage. This graffiti work adds to the overall look of the building. Now Govt. is going to torn down these buildings. But i think govt. can make use of these buildings in other ways.

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