A quick shot of a toad before he  hopped away.

This guy is either an American Toad or Canadian Toad. It looks more like a Canadian Toad, but the place we found it sounds more like an American Toad.

From UND’s Toad page:

American Toad

American toads are large toads. Their coloration varies from brown, to brick red, to olive green. A light stripe may be found down the middle of the back.

The habitat of these toads varies. It may include mowed grassy yards, woodlands, or wherever there is an abundant supply of moisture and insects.

Canadian Toad

Canadian toads are also referred to as Dakota toads. They are average-sized toads reaching a length of 2-3 inches. The coloration varies from green to brownish-red, with brownish-red warts. A light line may be found down the middle of the back.

These toads inhabit margins of lakes, ponds, and prairie potholes. They are primarily nocturnal and are strong swimmers. To avoid capture they readily seek the safety of water. They can burrow into the ground using their hind feet, much like the spadefoot toad.

Both American toads and Canadian toads have heavily spotted bellies.

3 thoughts on “Toads

  1. Well that is some……. toad. Being an animal person, you’d think I could find an appreciation for ole’ toady there…..

    Don’t think I can however.

    Very nice photo of him all the same. You gave him the “glamour shot” treatment.

  2. And he lives in Toad Hall… Toads seem so happy and content. Thanks, I never knew about the American and Canadian toads.

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