5 thoughts on “Untouched hotel room

  1. It’s in Eveleth, MN.

    It was open for a long time, then closed for a long time. Finally someone bought it, opened the restaurant area and started working on the rooms. They didn’t last very long. Now it’s been shut down again for quite a while.

    Recently someone bought it and is “working” on it by themselves. They’re saying they’ll be open in June, but there’s no chance they’ll even be open by June next year. There’s no power and no evidence that they’ve done anything except board up windows and doors.

  2. Speaking of undisclosed locations. I was showing a friend from Montreal “undisclosed location #1” last night. We drove back there toward the building and then toward the spring and there was a black undercover cop car hiding back there. I was really surprised he didn’t ask us what we were doing. He left as we drove toward the spring. It seems like they’re keeping a much closer eye on the place now. Maybe that ambulance I saw there a few weeks ago has something to do with it.
    This hotel wasn’t very exciting. It appears there have only been a few people in there – nothing like location #1 with all the graffiti. The last door we tried happened to be open. It enters into the dining room where the tables are still set. That was probably the coolest part.

  3. i want to go on adventures in creepy places this summer! i’ll be home all of land of the loon week! we should get together!

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